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Shipping and Logistics:



Port Clearance of Motor Vehicles


The Dos and The Don’ts

  • Do not keep your bills of lading. Ports are hostile in storage fees.
  • Know who you are dealing with, as bills of lading are like title deeds whoever has them can claim title to the vehicle.
  • Always send the two sets of bills of lading as one bill will be surrendered to the shipping line while the other one will be used to collect the car.
  • Have your driver’s license and passport readily accessible.
  • Always take down the names of police or customs officers stopping you. You may forget something with them.
  • Do not travel with Paper Driver’s License some states do not recognize it.



Transiting Vehicles and Regional Laws.

  • South Africa – No driving only car carrier.
  • Zimbabwe – Transiting vehicles only on car carriers.
  • Malawi – You can drive.
  • Mozambique – You can drive.
  • Namibia – You can drive
  • Botswana – You can drive.
  • Tanzania – You can drive.



Risks and Safety In Roads

  • Mozambique – Roads are very safe. Beware people in townships.
  • Namibia – Roads are safe beware donkeys at night.
  • Botswana – Roads are safe – Beware donkeys and wild animals.
  • Tanzania – Roads are safe drive carefully.
  • Malawi – Roads are safe – drive carefully.



Duties and Rebates

Zimbabwe gives rebate to the owner with a stamped passport.



Container Clearances and forwarding.

We arrange transit clearances and forward the cargo to its host country regionally and internationally.

  • Road Freight Rates – We have very competitive rates for regional destinations.
  • Rail – We have rail rates for regional destinations.
  • Ocean Freight – We arrange for the collection, packing and forwarding of the container by Ocean Freight through reliable Shipping Lines – MSC, CMA CGM, MAESK, MESSINA SHIPPING etc



Customs Tariff Consultancy

All goods are recorded in the Tariff Hand book. In this book are percentage of duties levied to goods being imported by different governments. We help importers and exporters use the very accurate tariffs and ascertain their benefits regionally and internationally. We also advise clients the regulations governing imports and exports in a specific country of the client’s choice.


Import and Export Customs Clearances

We arrange for customs clearances for all the cargo coming through all modes of transport as below detailed.

  • Road Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Rail Freight
  • Multimodal Freight


Cargo Forwarding and Delivery.

We can move your cargo through the below mentioned means from origin to destination anywhere in the world.

  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Road Freight:
    • Consolidations
    • Full Container Loads
  • Air Freight – Regional and International
  • Railing Containers Regionally.


Household Removals and Clearances.

We have a specialist in household clearances and will give you the best in an all round door to door delivery.

We arrange exportation and importation of household effects through all modes of transport as detailed below:

  • Road – Regionally
  • Air – Regionally and Internationally
  • Sea Freight –Internationally.

Projects Consultancy, Forwarding, Clearance and Delivery.

We are experts in Projects consultancy, clearances, forwarding, and delivery. We are acquainted to the regional laws and procedures in Exemptions and Rebates, Customs Clearances.